There's no need to live with mould and condensation

We can help eradicate mould in your home for good.

We can eradicate your mould

Mould and damp patches are unsightly and often have an unpleasant smell. They can also be harmful to your health, as exposure to mould spores over a period of time can cause issues, especially to people who are asthmatic or have allergies.

When you contact LHR, our experts will visit your home, looking for signs of any problems with mould, damp and condensation.

Devon Mould Removers

How we can help

We’ll assess the scope of the problem and measure the affected area when we survey your home, then recommend a course of action. Mould cannot just be treated with bleach, this just spreads the spores and masks the problem.

Typically our mould treatment involves:

  • Cleaning and killing existing mould spores with our COSHH certified mould removing fungicidal solution.
  • Applying specialist anti-mould paint to the affected area, this prevents live mould spores from settling on the walls.

Our mould treatment comes with a 3 year guarantee when the recommended ventilation systems from our survey are installed.

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